All of the over 100 million active mobile phones in Nigeria can be used to make charitable donations at any time of the day from any location across the country.


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Create Awareness

SMS Angels employs a professionally designed ad campaign to connect with potential donors to inform them of the ease with which they can now make donations.

Collect Donations

Mobile phone subscribers are billed as per usual whenever they send an SMS to the SMS Angels shortcode.

Donors can direct their donations to their desired charities simply by typing the charity's relevant keyword in the SMS.

Keep Donors Engaged

In addition to creating awarerness and calling for donations, the SMS Angel service also emphasizes transperency and giving feedback to donors on how donations have been utilized.

Ensuring that participating charities can track donations made towards their causes and that donors are informed of how their donations are used are cornerstones of our service.



Charities in Nigeria have a tough time raising funds through donations from the general public. The challenge does not stem from an uncharitable culture. On the contrary, studies demonstrate that Nigerians are generally willing givers. However, the difficulty faced by charities is channelling this culture into a steady flow of donations appears to stem from the lack of a convenient and easily accessible medium for the public to make their donations.SMS Angels was conceived in response to difficulties faced by its founder in making charitable donations.

SMS Angels is a fund raising vehicle for charities and NGOs operating in Nigeria. We utilize widely available access to SMS technology to collect charitable donations from the Nigerian public which are then disbursed to organisations they choose to support.

SMS Angels:


SMS Angels is an SMS based charity fundraising service for Nigeria. We recruit charities to the service and solicit donations on their behalf.

For donors, we provide regular feedback and implement measures to enforce prudent usage of donations.


Please send us an email and we will get back to you promptly.